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Located in the southeast corner of the country of England, the county Kent is an easy place to access whether you’re travelling by car, rail or air.

The stunning countryside is peppered with hidden gems, the gorgeous coastline packed with activities and entertainment, and all joined and within easy reach of each another.  Kent’s great road network and effective local transport systems, on top of thousands of miles of way-marked cycling and walking paths which ensure you are well catered for once you’ve got there.

Kentish Wind turbines

As the nearest point to the continent Europe (over twenty miles miles at the nearest point to France to be precise), Kent is also well situated for tourists travelling from Europe, so you too can be loving the Garden of England. Generating energy with a wind turbine is a suitable in Kent as the terrain and largest offshore winds make it viable. For commercial applications click here

P&O Ferries, Eurotunnel, DFDS Seaways and MyFerry Link carry tourists across the channel on a daily basis.  With the capital under an hour away (with high speed links), Kent has become a perfect weekend break or day trip for tourists, packed with great transport routes around the county.

The Kentish Flats wind farm comprises 30 efficient wind turbines capable of producing up to 3 MW of electricity each, so that the total output of the wind farm could be up to 90 MW.

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This website discusses news relating to the wind farms on the Kentish Flats in the south west of England. We are not officially affiliated with the farm itself. We merely report news and information. Becoming greener within your home can not only cut down on carbon emissions you emit into the atmosphere, but also help make savings - you could be surprised how many pounds could be saved by changing the way you live.

Our advice can help you gain more autonomy with your energy bills by becoming more eco efficient.

We can offer studies backed by established assessment offering you tangible unbiased advice on renewable technologies, long-term energy efficient measures such as loft insulation as well as easy fixes such as LED light bulbs and timer switches. Insulation upgrades, more efficient controls and monitoring, Voltage optimisation as well as LED lights are some of the biggest savers in businesses property and often these don’t have to cost you anything.

Ask about our choice of financial solutions to help cut down on the upfront cost of power and pay for them out of the savings.

Our years of experience have shown us that renewable energy has to be within its own energy context and is not the sole solution and it is often the best solutions come from a load of measures. Energy efficiency measures should always come first as they have the biggest short term savings but importantly can impact on the overall heating load of the construction - they can actually cut down on the size of investment you might want to make in renewables in the process.

The largest Kentish Flats wind farm is now owned by Vattenfall UK and comprises 30 efficient wind turbines capable of producing up to 3 MW of electricity each, so that the total output of the wind farm could be up to 90 MW. The wind farm has set a dual record: the 30 turbine project host the largest wind turbine so far installed in the UK, and the project was the largest wind farm in the UK, at 90 MW rated capacity, at the erection time. The wind farm was originally erected by the leading danish power company Elsam. Elsam had more than 25 years of experience within wind energy projects and the Kentish Flats project is part of Elsam's strategy to become an international company by establishing energy plants on a sustainable and long-term basis, beyond the borders of Denmark. The Kentish Flats project will have an important role to play in helping to achieve the British Government targets in relation to climate change and the commitments of the Kyoto protocol.

The Kentish Flats project alone will displace an estimated 4.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over its 20-year life time, compared to conventional fossil fuel generation.

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